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Scavenger Hunt-Here Are Fun Ideas That Your Children Will Love

Are your children complaining that they are bored? There are some activities that you can let your children do. Scavenger hunt is an activity that you can let your children do. Scavenger hunt can actually be played by one child or more.

Scavenger hunt is really fun. This activity is really easy to make and can be played by all types of ages. You should also select the theme of the scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunt will bring the element of urgency, excitement and competition. You can play the activity on a regular day or on parties. Scavenger hunts and treasure hunt are not the same. A scavenger hunt is easier to do because you do not need to hide things because they will find provide a list of clues. A scavenger hunt is much easier than a treasure hunt since you do not need to hide things because they will find things that already things that already exists. You just need to prepare a prize for the first person who finishes the list.

Below are the list of things that you will need to create a scavenger hunt:
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A. Print out a list of the things that they will need to find.
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B. You need a pen or pencil

C. You need a clipboard

D. You will need a boxes or bags where they will put the items that they collect.

E. You need to prepare a prize.

The scavenger hunt usually last for 15 minutes. Make sure that the teams are equally divided. Make sure their are big and small children in both teams. So that no one will get left behind. After dividing them into teams you should explain the rules of the game. Keep in mind that you should not give out the list first before explaining the rules. You need to tell them where is the finish line and the boundary for the hunt. Before you start the game you should ask all of the players if they understood the rules.

Below are scavenger hunt ideas:

A. The outdoor scavenger hunt

This is done outdoors. This allows your children to appreciate and enjoy staying outdoors. You can do this in your neighborhood, in your backyard or in parks.

B. The indoor scavenger hunt

This is great especially if the weather is not nice.

C. The road trip scavenger hunt

This is great especially if you want your children to enjoy the ride. You can let them find road signs, alphabets, cars, animals and many more.

The scavenger hunt is a fun activity for all types of ages.