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Various Truths On Prayer Prayer is part of our communications, but it involves the interaction between you and your God. Prayer has been there ever since, and it is the most precious thing to many people. Man has always tried to understand God and establish the best way to communicate with Him. Thousands or even millions of people have always labored to discredit prayer in vain since it is still the most practiced means of communication with God worldwide. Being a common practice by millions of people, there will always be varied ideas and opinions about it and how best to do it to please God. It is important to know that the prayers of the children of God are acceptable. The children of God are those who acknowledge Him and keep His commands. The belief that the Bible is the Word of God and all that is written in it are true, will direct people to know the will of God and the things He commands the man to do. You should also consider salvation, which is the faith in our Lord and Savior. Believing in the Son of God is a faith that will be useful even when you pray. Our prayers will always be in the Name of the Son of God to the Father. God will be interested in your life and He will draw you near to Him and hears your prayer. Prayers are the best means to reach to God. Establishing a good relationship with Him will give you a good life. Being upright in God’s ways will make your prayer a delight to Him: the sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the LORD, but the prayer of the upright is His delight- Proverbs 15:8. Activities like reading the Bible often will make you learn more about His desires in you and how to be obedient to Him. Being righteous in all your ways will make your prayer powerful, (James 5: 16).
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Believing in the Son of God and faith in Him is important. He is the Truth and the Way to God. Having faith will be the route of having your prayer answered.
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Prayer is a secret communication and should be done behind closed doors and not with publicity. When you pray; you should accept and repent of your sins for God to accept you supplications. Prayers should be done with humility and not pride. Remember to pray as you believe. Sometimes when we pray, we may not get the answer to our prayers quickly, and we need to be patient and trustworthy in our prayers.