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3 Things to Review When Buying Garbage Disposal Unit

There are a number of things that you have to be mindful about before you decide to make a purchase of a garbage disposal unit. Apart from that, it is your job to be certain that the disposal unit suits for what you need it for. The horsepower, feed type and durability are 3 of the most significant aspects that you must be aware of. More of that if you read on.

Horsepower – these disposal units have 3 different levels of horsepower and consumers don’t know how much they should be getting. As a rule of thumb, the unit’s horsepower must correlate to the usage it’ll receive.

Having said that, if you are living in an apartment or condominium where the unit will not be receiving much use, then it is ideal to utilize 1/2 horsepower garbage disposal. You will never go wrong with a 1/3 horsepower unit if you have a single family house; besides it is the type of unit frequently used. Say that you have a big house and you’ll be using the unit every now and then, you should be eyeing for the 1hp waste disposal unit.

Feed type – the continuous feed and batch feed are the two types of feeds that you can buy for this unit. When it comes to continuous feed, this is a very common unit found in kitchens. When it comes to continuous feed, this is in operation when the switch turned on and can continuously feed on waste while running. You must turn on the water and switch to garbage disposal unit and feed the waste onto the sink hole to be able to operate it. This process continues until you are done.

In regards to batch feed models, they are almost the same to continuous feed models but they don’t have automatic switch for turning it on. Instead, they must be plugged into the drain and turned; when you are done, just unplug it.

Durability – most complaints people have in their garbage disposal unit is the leak. There are instances to which the problem is due to the pipes or perhaps, the unit was not installed correctly. On the other hand, there are times that the unit itself is causing the leakage. You must be sure that the unit you’ve bought uses stainless steel drums and stainless steel grinding chambers because these materials are resistant to rust.

To ensure that you have the right purchase for your money, simply follow the said tips.

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