3 Tips for the Time After Windscreen Replacements

Windscreen repair can be costly, particularly if the driver does not have comprehensive insurance coverage. As a vehicle owner, one should strive to avoid making certain mistakes following windscreen replacements. Thankfully, the local experts are well aware of the do’s and don’ts of auto glass replacement and aftercare. Below are some tips to follow after replacing glass in a vehicle.

Treat it Gently

When auto glass is replaced, it is very fragile, especially during the first 24 hour period. For such reasons, the driver should avoid impact to the car, which could potentially displace a newly installed piece of glass. This means no rough terrain and no door-slamming, particularly when the windows are closed. It is also wise to leave windows open at least one-quarter of an inch to prevent air pressure from building up and causing the windscreen to leak.

Don’t Wash the Car Yet

For the time immediately after an auto glass replacement, the driver should avoid the use of cleaning agents on the vehicle. To stay on the safe side, wait a minimum of 72 hours before giving the car a good washing. Auto glass experts use a special kind of tape to stabilize the glass, and it shouldn’t be removed until a full day has passed after the installation.

Find a Different Route to and From Work, and Find a New Place to Park

If the windscreen replacement was due to damage from flying rocks, branches or vandalism, the driver should consider finding a new route to take. Finding another way to work or choosing a new place to park can not only prevent additional damage to the car, it can also keep the driver and passengers safe.

After having a piece of auto glass replaced, it’s important for the car owner to inspect it. One of the best reasons to hire a local auto glass replacement company is that the experts usually do a follow-up 24 hours after the installation to ensure that no problems have arisen. To get a prompt, professional job on a broken piece of glass, visit the company’s website or call the office today to schedule an appointment.